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Bentley Flying Spur Limousine

The  Flying Spur is an exceptional Bentley Limousine rental, offering the most luxurious features as a luxury sedan. Its design concept was intended for those who expect nothing less than unrestrained luxury in parallel with uncompromising performance. The Flying Spur limo Bentley offers, in utterly enviable fashion, the ultimate motoring experience.

The Bentley Flying Spur offers its passengers the chance to ride in an exceptional luxury limousine. However this is not because of the speeds which it can reach, though they are impressively high, but because of the elaborate sense of luxury the surrounds you as you settle into the comfy rear leather seats of the vehicle. Passengers enter the four door Bentley limousine, and as their limousine driver takes control of the road, passengers take control of their environment in the rear cabin. Adaptable features that can be adjusted to suit your comfort level include organ-stop air vent controls, the touch screen Infotainment system and the touch screen remote, ensuring that the ride of passengers is no less exhilarating than that of the driver.

Keeping in classic Bentley high class design, the Flying Spur limousine sports the marque's characteristic curves that meet in a crisp edges in a sleek silhouette. Along the full length of the car there is a side feature detail that starts from the rear wheel arch and runs parallel with the low roof down towards the chrome front grille. The headlights are fitted with bi-xenon daylight running LED’s providing powerful visage especially when viewed from head on. For an added elegant and contemporary feel there is a strong rear haunch and wrap-around tail lamps. These features ensure that the Flying Spur Limousine has that recognisable Bentley stature and impressive presence wherever it goes.

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