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Oscar Bernard

Luxury Assessor and Curator

The continent of Europe has an appeal that is as diverse as its history is multifaceted. Ride a limousine in Europe and discover an epic patchwork of idiosyncratic nations knitted together with culture, politics, history and pervading it all, an inescapable charm. A Europe limousine tour takes you through distinct environments who differ in their compelling narratives, a contoured with their own distinctive fabrics and are each rich in their traditions. No matter if you have visited Europe before, seeing the country in a limousine drive promises to be special as no two travels through Europe are ever the same.   


Hire a euro limo and in an unbeatable tour travel through France, Germany and Italy and see the iconic landmarks of where Western civilisation’s history was made. Start in France with a limo drive to the Palace of Versailles, this amazingly huge and ornate palace captures any visitor’s imagination with decorated interiors of masterful artwork and then with its manicured botanic gardens that sweep out to the horizon. A day in Paris takes you on a drive along the boulevard lined Grand Avenues, giving you a clear understanding of how this romantic city came to be called the “City of Lights”. From Paris your chauffeur driver will stridently pace the stunning French countryside roads in a drive to Lucerne. Along the way you will trail past olive groves, lavender fields and wineries all providing their own highly captivating aroma. With absolutely no reason not to, we encourage all our customers to enjoy a bottle of wine en-route!


Entering into Italy, a scenic chauffeur drive will coast along Lake Lugano, giving you every chance to see the wild flora and fauna that serenely pervades the area. Come prepared and pack a picnic lunch as Lugano’s countryside will keep a magnetic hold on you, lengthening your stay with its beauty for as long as possible. From Lugano, it’s a drive into Florence, a historical treasure chest of classic and renaissance art, see with your own eyes the famous David statue as it stands proudly, carved in all its magnificent detail. Florence never fails to amaze as you take the opportunity to stroll alongside historic canals and riverbanks that sit on the edge of what was once powerful castles. Bear witness to the wonders of the Renaissance and the defying remnants of the great Roman civilisation that have amazingly withstood the vicissitudes of time.


Continue to indulge in the luxuries of our Europe limousine service as you trail through Germany, Start in Munich and explore the Mountain Town of Innsbruck en-route on your way in. The region’s beautiful serenity is highly calming and simultaneously invigorating. As you arrive in Munich take the chance to experience the great variety of culture on offer, be it a beer in the city’s famous beer halls, a musical night at the Opera or a viewing at one of the city’s many art galleries. Follow up the Rhine in a lakeside drive and arrive at the majestic walled town of Rothenburg.

A limousine drive through Europe is a one-in-a-lifetime calling, that is not to be ignored.

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