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Jason Pierce

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Every connoisseur of luxury knows that there is nothing quite like being aboard a Bentley limousine. Our range of Bentley luxury cars include the Flying Spur, the Mulsanne and a number of the Continental range. Each of these luxury cars offer a distinguished drive in a powerful saloon, each are designed with powerful engine that deliver an exhilarating force of acceleration. Whether the occasion is for a wedding, a premiere or a gala evening, the Bentley limo with its exquisite attention to luxury details, should be your first car of choice.

A Masterpiece of Luxury

The interior of the Bentley limo, like a work of art, is a masterpiece. The steering wheel alone typically represents three days of exacting leatherwork by a Bentley seamstress to complete the intricate stitching that is required. Likewise the wood veneers come from trees that had been growing in the Siberian forests over the course of several decades. But whether it is the wood veneers, the soft leather upholstery or the masterful handwork, each feature represents exacting attention to detail in the aspiration to achieve crafted perfection.

Followed by a Shadow of Serenity

In a Bentley chauffeur drive ensure that peace and serenity follow you at every stage of the way. the car’s excellently appointed fittings include a range of enhanced noise reduction features. Facilitated by a highly impressive acoustic suppression technology, the difference is acutely felt as the sensation of escape from the outside world is heightened even further.Without question our Bentley luxury cars articulate the ultimate expression of style and exclusivity, and yet with a premium chauffeur drive are readily available for you to relax and savour.

Make sure that at the end of your red-carpet event there is a world of luxury waiting for you, in the form of a spacious Bentley limousine hire. Elegantly appointed and poised to perfection, the interior of the Bentley limousine be it, the Stretch Bentley, the Bentley SUV limo or the classic Bentley limousine is a masterpiece of refinement.

Luxury is Found in the Detail

The inspiration of these styling features are derived from earlier versions of the Bentley. Many of the earlier models possessed these key elements that include a deep hued wooden waist rail that runs the length of the cabin and produces a feeling of secure protection and at the same time opulence. This Bentley tradition is evident in models that date as far back to the 1930s whose characteristic automobiles of that classic time period have provided all the necessary inspiration in a seemingly endless list of luxurious touches. Other touches include automatically messaging seats, a four zone climate control, an automatic glass window to separate the cabin from the cockpit for added privacy and a top quality surround sound system, all combining to create a world where luxury is the order of the day.

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