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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you can! Comfort Avenue prides itself on its flexibility to adjust travelling arrangement and our aspiration to enhance the pleasure of the limousine experience had by our customers. Should you request extra services during a drive our chauffeurs will be all to happy to oblige. However, depending on the extra service being requested, there may be an additional cost.

If you book a limousine transfer, the booking is charged according to a direct transfer, from the start to the destination address. Should you wish to stop off somewhere, a charge will be accrued for each point along the way according to the number of additional kilometers.

If you decide to change your travel arrangements please let us know at the earliest opportunity. If you notify us in the time after the Transportation Service Provider has already left for the pick up location you will be charged their full fee, while you may be able to claim a partial compensation from Comfort Avenue for the original booking.

Generally the answer is yes. When you fill out the Booking Confirmation Form, please indicate whether you intend to travel with a pet, or for that matter, bulky luggage. With this information recorded we will be able to confirm whether your pet is able to come along for the ride and whether there is enough space for big pieces of luggage. This provision is not necessarily available in all circumstances with particular vehicles and specified locations.

Yes, we are always happy for little folks to enjoy the thrills of being aboard a nice car. Please indicated on the Booking Confirmation Form the age and the number of the children so that we can fit the car with the appropriate children seats and safety harnesses that you will require to travel safely.

In exceptional situations beyond your control such as delayed flights and extreme weather conditions, you can be rest assured that you will not be charged for an additional 60 minutes of waiting time. Generally speaking though, the cost of extended waiting periods and last minute cancellations will be incurred by customers.

Please contact us at the soonest possible opportunity if you wish to cancel your booking either via our website, phone call, or email. In order to obtain a refund you will need to have submitted your cancellation request well before our drivers have left for the pickup location. If we receive your cancellation request too late, you will still be charged.

Comfort Avenue will accept both credit card and bank transfers. While incidental credit card charges will be carried by Comfort Avenue, any transaction fees associated with a bank transfer will be the responsibility of customers.

Only the hourly bookings have a kilometer per hour maximum associated with the fee, which is stated on the booking form. Any additional kilometers driven by the customer are added as a surcharge which includes the respective VAT. The surcharge is calculated according to the price per kilometer of the regional area in combination with the vehicle category.

We offer a range of limousines classes that include "Business Class", "Business Van/SUV" and "First Class". The ranges are each comprised of a mix of luxury brands that include BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and top tier luxury of Bentley and Rolls-Royce. Clients are free to upgrade their order at a later stage if they wish to.