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Jason Pierce

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With many great cosmopolitan cities thriving on the back of their technological innovation make the most of our limousine service in Germany. Comfort Avenues has a great variety of Germany limousines from some of the most exclusive brands such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Yet these cars number just a few of the home-grown favourites. In the country that loves automotive locomotion quite possibly more than anywhere else, buckle up, we promise you’ll enjoy the ride!

Wheels Spin in Berlin

Start your travels in Germany, in its capital city of Berlin, with a chauffeur driver taking care of the road, make your way to see the city’s iconic sights such as the Reichstag, the seat of the German parliament, the Brandenburger Tor which marks a symbolic gateway into the city and the Berlin Memorial Wall that intriguingly decorated with modern art, evocatively recounts Germany’s torn history. Before finally concluding with a musical evening at the Berlin Philharmonic where you can let your ears do all the work on the wonderful notes at play. Book your limo in Germany as an airport transfer to arrive at your hotel, be it the tremendously elegant Das Stue or the Regent Berlin which is wonderfully located in the city’s center. Once you have settled in, hit the road again as you travel to many of Berlin’s treasured sights of the memorial that stands today as a relic of the Berlin Wall, the Pergamon Museum and the Museumsinsel (The Museum Island).

Munich is not to be Missed

Munich must not be missed, and once you have been there it cannot be forgotten. A german city, that has a very endearing warmer side as it exudes much Bavarian charm. Anyone with a love of beer will be immediately at home with locations such as the culturally iconic Hofbräuhaus, nothing short of a Munich beer-drinking institution, that has grown in fame over the centuries for its great quality fermented hops. At times like these you will be eternally grateful for your chauffeur service in Germany, as your driver will remain reliably sober at the wheel, leaving you to partake in this great Bavarian ritual and as you share a love of the good hard brew.

There is Always Oktoberfest

Our clients have previously used our Germany limo service to arrive at Oktoberfest, the world’s largest celebration of beers, both locally brewed and of the international imported, just for the occasion. They have also made the most of our limo service to attend world-class athletic events at Olympiapark. If you time your vacation well, you may be able to get the chance to skate on the Olympic ice rink feeling like nothing less than a champion yourself. We also recommend driving through the promenade of Marienplatz which is wonderfully picturesque and lends itself as the ideal location for people watching as you gaze out taking in all the scenic character of the Glockenspiel atop of Munich’s City Hall.

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