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Folklore has it that Italy is the most beautiful place in the world, however we recommend hiring a luxury limousine in Italy to find this out for yourself. From the rear seats of a sumptuous interior designed limousine sit back, relax and enjoy as the chauffeur driver takes responsibilities of navigating the road and getting you to your next destination.

Rome is Not to be Seen in Just a Day

Favourite locations to visit in Italy include the timeless city of Rome. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and on that score you most certainly won’t be able to see it all in a day. Hire our Italy limousine for a week or two weeks and see the city’s many treasured sights. Of course, the Colosseum is the most famous and iconic and offers an amazing glimpse into the past. The Pantheon is no less impressive, a stately and remarkable building that was dedicated to Rome’s ancient gods. While the Vatican’s unmissable St Peter’s Basilica which is home to Michelangelo's mighty dome and launched this artist’s legacy as a creative genius.

Dreaming of Florence

Florence is a dream especially for those who find much inspiration from art, history and culture. From your hotel take a chauffeur drive to Uffizi Gallery, with so much to see, take your time strolling through the overhead walkway that the rich Medici family used to connect and arrive at the Pitti Palace across the river. Spend a day wandering through the Piazza Del Duomo, one of Italy’s grandest cathedrals. Finally end an evening at the famous Trattoria Ponte Vecchio restaurant, whose Mediterranean cuisine is considered to be world class.

By the Bay, in Rimini

Arrive at Miramare International Airport and with a prebooked limousine airport transfer be driven into Italy’s most glamorous Marina city of Rimini. Rimini is actually the biggest beach resort on the Adriatic sea and has been the favoured holiday destination for over a century now. Arrive in your Italian limousine and experience none of the hassles that normally come with hiring a car from the airport such as insurance, tolls and having somewhere to park, whilst you get out to explore the sights. For nine miles of non-stop sun streaked beaches there are hotels and white umbrella covered private beaches that dot the way. A short 15 minute walk will take you in the old town, about a 15-minute walk inland, that is home to many fascinating sights, such as the Arch of Augustus from 27 BC, and the Tiberius Bridge that dates as far back as the early 1st century.Yet also a great city to party Rimini also shouts out to its many guest with a variety of great restaurants and an energetic nightlife.

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