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Artistic to the point of being outrageously creative, Spain offers many news ways to stimulate the senses. Be captivated by a flamenco show, see the stunning variety of avant garde architecture, get your taste buds around  flavour filled spanish dishes of the Paella, Pintxos and chuletillas and smell the rich hues of the locally produced olive oils and citric fruits. From your luxurious limo hire in Spain, see the world that offers a captivating assault on the senses.

Addicted to Barcelona

Like everyone else who visits this city, get addicted to Barcelona. This city looks sensational and feels nothing short of surreal, it is no surprise that it has become the breeding grounds of prominent artists in the likes of Salvador Dali. See his many timeless paintings and portraits that are all in fantastic view at various galleries around the city. Travel to the many evocative buildings that were designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. Of particular inspiration to many is the  Church of the Sacred Family, whose interior gives a bizarre feeling, not too unfamiliar from that Alice-in-wonderland-sensation of falling through the looking glass. From there travel into the artistic wonderland that is Park Güell and finally dance away the evening in Las Ramblas, between sipping sangria and watching colourful street performers. Live the La Vida Loca!

Sunshine Rains is La Oliva

Other favourite destinations that are ideal for your limo Spain experience include La Oliva which is famous for its kilometer after kilometer stretch of beautiful beaches. Arrive at the port and have a limousine transfer take you to one of the luxury hotels in the city, be it Avanti Hotel Boutique Fuerteventura or Katis Villas Boutique Fuerteventura, both of these resorts offer five star accommodation in their most luxurious settings. Yet be equally spellbound by Seville, that has a rich display of its culture and heritage in the many museums and ancient dwellings that tourists are welcome to explore.

Seville, Unveiled

Ask our professional chauffeur drivers about tips and recommendations on where to visit, what to eat or perhaps specialties to buy, when you visit each of these Spanish provinces. Our limousine drivers are all too friendly and happy to help out with their great local knowledge of the city and nearby towns. Seville is an old and highly intriguing city that was initially founded by the Romans and in our modern day era was become home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites; the Alcazar palace which is a stunning complex of history architectural styles, the burial site of Christopher Columbus and the world’s biggest wooden structure that is the Metropol Parasol. A  massive mix of grids and swirls the site contains a market and a terrace observatory.

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