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Jason Pierce

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For that most important day of your life, it’s important that all those strings of detail come together in a beautiful, elegant and seamless fashion. No less is this the case than for your wedding car hire. Our wedding day transportation offers far more than just a means of commuting from point A to point B, it is the chance to bring a layer of elegance, unique character and dignity to your special day. Our only word of advice is that when it comes to doing that search on finding your wedding car, look for the car that has the personality to match your own, whilst also possessing that element of exquisite class and style to make your wedding day that much more unique.

Variety is key

Comfort Avenue is a great place to start looking for wedding cars, as we are bound to have the perfect set of wheels that you are after. Our wedding car limo range varies in style, from classic Rolls Royces to an exceptionally modern Mercedes Benz. Yet when it comes to wedding transportation needs, we are most likely to have the luxury limousine to fit the occasion. Be it in the form of a limo-bus that is capable of commuting 30 guests, the limo van for the chance to give you and your closest seven, the thrill of an awesome night out or the stretch limo which can seat a small party within its exceptionally luxurious confines.

Decisions, Decisions…?

Yet if you are undecided about which sort of wedding car hire you are after, you are more than welcome to view through our gallery of prestigious wedding limos to get some good ideas. If it is a commute for just the bridal party, a sleek luxury limousine may well do the trick in getting you to the ceremony in superb style, and the extended bride and groom family can also have their own limo cars. Yet if you would all like to travel together as a crowd, then you may want to consider an enviably luxurious stretch limousine or the limo SUV and Hummer, which can each fit a decent size crowd depending on the vehicle. Keep in mind that you may want to save a seat for the photographer as is a great chance to snap up some paparazzi-like shots in an incredibly fun and wide-angled limousine.

Pick the Right Ride

But don’t forget to think about after the ceremony as well, as you will need to transport you and your just-newly-beloved to the reception or to snap-up some scenic pictures. We recommend hiring a comfortable wedding limousine for this stretch as it is ideal to have a wedding limousine service to recuperate some time to yourselves whilst also serving as the best possible photo prop. Remember your wedding car will be in plenty of pictures, so make sure you pick the right ride.

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