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Jason Pierce

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Admired the world over for its elegant style, effortless taste and knack for crafting beauty, France remains to be the most visited tourist destination for international globe-trotters. Hire a limousine in France and travel through the glamorous boulevards of Paris, through the stunning Champagne countryside or along the sun soaked coastline of the French Riviera. France is known for her natural beauty that may well be the inspiration behind its many highly refined material offerings.

City of Light

First stop, must and should always be Paris, with your chauffeur driver at the wheel of your France limousine, travel from one sidewalk cafe to a pain au chocolat shop letting the moment linger at each stop and at every point along the way. Enjoy the full ambience in the chance to coast along the Seine and finally arrive at the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower, marvelling at the legacy of these two world renowned monuments. A France limousine service combines the splendid pleasure of many epicurean and gastronomic delights combined with the liveliness of being able to experience as much of the city as possible. In rapide time and with complete comfort and ease travel from your exquisite breakfast meal at Sebón to then see the exhibits at the louvre, awaken your sense of awe at legendary Notre Dame Cathedral and then hunt for a treasure or two at the wonderful Marché aux Puces de Montreuil or other goodies to be claimed at the Marché Biologique Raspail. Then welcome the charm of the night with a risque show at the famous Moulin Rouge.

Travelling the French Riviera

For our limos in France a popular destination request by our clients is to hire a luxurious stretch or SUV limousine along the French Riviera. With our chauffeur france drivers at the wheel concentrating on the road ahead. Take the opportunity to gaze out at the deep blue waters of the Côte d’Azur that forms the dramatic but highly captivating backdrop of the French Riviera. In your France limousine be driven to the waterfront promenade of Nice. Take a step out from the rear seats and breathe in the fresh Mediterranean air as you stroll along the marina. Climb the nearby mountains that encapsulate the city and from atop Castle Hill, enjoy the eagle eye view of the city that lies bellow, forming an impressive sight. If you wish to spend a pleasant few hours at the fully pedestrianised square of Place Rossetti, make this request to your chauffeur driver, he will happily “babysit” the limousine, freeing you to enjoy this grand courtyard without the hassle of finding somewhere to park. From the grand fountain that is situated in the center, see the fascinating buildings that surround it, such as the beautiful Sainte-Réparate cathedral that has such a wonderfully provincial French feel.

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