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BMW 5 Series Limousine

Relaxation is all part of the experience when it comes to the BMW 5 Series limousine. This prestigious BMW limousine is booked time and again by our clients who want a luxury BMW chauffeured vehicle that is reliable and hosts all the most advanced technologies from the world’s most trusted automotive brand.

When you hire the 5 Series BMW limo the world simply whisks by, as you enjoy its many in-built, technologically enhanced and luxurious features. If you choose to drive the car yourself, the Comfort Access feature, allows for innovative and an easy to operate means of accessing the car with a contactless opening tailgate as well as opening car doors and starting the engine without the use of a key. The Multifunctional Instrument Display is another popular driving oriented feature, where the 10.2” screen gives drivers an impressive visual presentation on their travelling course.

Yet for those who do select to have a BMW chauffeur drive, enjoy the rear seat professional entertainment system. Comprising two separate (one for each seat) 9.2" colour screens they are able to be adjusted at a tilting angle for optimal viewing. Yet the screens also come with separate inbuilt DVD drive allowing each traveller to choose their entertainment options as they wish. As now comes standard in many of our BMW limos, internet access is available along with; navigation tools, ensuring that you get to your destination with as minimal hassle as possible whilst allowing you to make the best use of your time en route. There are of course connections to MP3 players, game consoles and other entertainment accessories.

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