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Rolls-Royce Ghost Limousine's somptuous interior for an indulging experienceThe black Rolls Royce Ghost Limo exudes power and styleRolls-Royce Ghost's opulent cabin made of soft leather
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Rolls-Royce Ghost Limousine

The Rolls Royce Ghost Limousine offers its passengers a ride in no ordinary car. Indeed, the Ghost is built with extraordinary power, in terms of its speed and defiance against gravity as well as its ability to hold the attention of all who come across it. The Rolls Royce Ghost offers the ultimate limousine experience, and it is an experience that insists on being had.

Possessing cutting edge technology that allows for an endless surge of power and yet all whilst at a whisper quiet ride, the Ghost is one of the most advanced cars ever built. The exterior of the limousine evokes a sense of regal dignity and stature with its stately “poise and verve”. The exterior simultaneously exudes simplicity and sophistication. Fluid lines provide a contemporary and dynamic profile. Yet the imposed sense of power is derived from the grand sculpting at the front bonnet that represents the latest evolution of the iconic grille.

Yet a step inside the interior passenger cabin makes you realise that the outside of the vehicle offered merely just a clue of the extraordinary luxuries that this Rolls Royce Limousine offers. Seats are upholstered with a soft and supple leather and sumptuous lambswool floor mats. From floor to ceiling the Ghost gives the impression of having cossetted you with an indulgent layer of finery and protection.

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