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Rolls-Royce Phantom Limousine

Rewriting the rules of luxury, the automotive team at Rolls Royce broke them all in order to establish new heights with the creation and development of the Rolls Royce Phantom Limousine. Possessing a decidedly commanding presence, the Phantom Limousine masterfully encapsulates a contemporary design of luxury. Best enjoyed with a chauffeur drive at the wheel, our chauffeur service allows you to indulge in its many comfort features without the distracting hassles of the road.

Created and designed out of the aspiration to create “The Best Car in the World”, whilst this aspirational goal could be deemed as unattainably high, indeed it was still achieved as the Phantom resulted through the culmination of complete creative and engineering prowess and freedom.   

Even after decades of development and evolution, the Phantom limousine continues to represent a timeless representation of the luxury automobile. Over its many transformations it has retained its classical, powerful stance, regal proportions and all whilst sporting the most cutting edge technology. Indeed the Phantom really is the iconic Rolls Royce Limousine.

Step inside the rear seats of the comfortable, if not utterly indulgent interior and enjoy the undercurrent growl of the engine upon being ignited. And yet as the car begins its silent acceleration, the engine delivers an abundant force of effortless power, bringing to mind nothing more swift than Aladdin’s gliding carpet ride. From the well-stocked bar open a bottle of champagne, that is to be enjoyed from crystal flutes, after all this is an occasion that deserves celebration.

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