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Mercedes E Class Limousine

There is so much to admire in the Mercedes E Class limousine, after all it is the Mercedes limousine that “acts like a role model, and yet looks like a supermodel”. With its bold sport exterior design where the mercedes three pronged star is proudly positioned at the center of the grille, the Mercedes E Class makes it easily stand out from the crowd.

Yet while the Mercedes E class may well be instantly recognizable wherever it goes, it’s the look and feel of this Mercedes limo that has our clients asking for this luxury limousine time and again. Classically bestowing its unique brand of E-class magic on our clients every time, the sculpted physique of the stately car and its visionary innovation is an impression that is never lost on its passengers.

The rear passenger cabin is enriched by subtly refined and yet exquisitely crafted details, features include polished and matte aluminium, crystal clear displays, and handcrafted wood veneers that envelop the parameters of the vehicle. The car’s technologies which include navigation and  sensory tools, give the car unique anthropomorphic qualities of attentiveness and a sense of intuitive prowess. This is not just any other car, but a rare breed of Mercedes limousine giving passengers and drivers alike a sense of connectedness and total escape.

While very much a driver oriented car, there has been no compromise on the luxury fittings to be found in the rear seats, with copious amounts of legroom, hand stitched leather fittings and immaculate attention to detail. Make the most of this luxurious interior with a Mercedes driver at the wheel. Our Mercedes chauffeur drivers are capable, professional and know the roads they drive like the back of their hand.

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