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Mercedes S-Class Limousine

The state of the art S Class Mercedes limousine, is nothing less than a masterful work of art. With an elegance that is discernable in every turn and swift movement, the limo Mercedes S Class is at the peak of limousine luxury. For your next inter-city travel requirements consider the S class as the ideal Mercedes limo hire.

With no surprise the S class, has been for centuries now, the flagship Mercedes vehicle and for good reason too. With a mechanical and engineering capability that is strong and powerful, the S class has honed an exterior physique that is majestic and sleek to the point of effortless athleticism. Sliding through highways against the brush of the wind with an understated ease, it arrives into the city and meets the crowds with a force of presence.  

Yet the interior luxury fittings of the inside passenger cabin are no less impressive. Filled with finishings that reflect an intimate, intricate and impeccable sense of taste. The rear seats of the S-Class Mercedes represents a culmination of time-honored handcraftsmanship. This craftsmanship that has been honed and technologically enhanced is discernable upon every surface. See the richly upholstered leather bound contours, precisely tailored furnishings, and mesmerising spans of fine deep grained wood. As the cabin is also lined with nearly 300 LEDs  passengers can enjoy the refined beauty aglow in the unique mood lighting that this feature adds.

With our chauffeur driver at the front of the car taking care of the logistics of the drive, take all the opportunity to enjoy the cars numerous features. On request the  cabin air can be double-filtered, ionized, and infused by an innovative aromatherapy system, arm rests, seats and even the doors can be heated, the seats in particular, do so by providing the hot stone massage. The S class Mercedes Limousine will both soothe and stimulate the senses in every single drive.

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