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Mercedes V Class Limo AMG LineThe Mercedes V Class Limousine's spacious and luxury interior
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Mercedes V Class Limousine

Not just any minivan, the Mercedes V Class offers the chance to take a ride in a luxury limo van that is exceptionally well appointed with luxurious fittings and excellent amenities. Ready and raring to go, the Mercedes Mini van is ideal for commuting a small crowd with a maximum of eight seats whether it be to the next stage of an adventure or simply for the pleasure of the drive. The large proportions of the Mercedes V Class limousine ensure that there is ample space for everyone and all the luggage or equipment that you need to bring along for the journey. Hire the Mercedes limo van and your time starts, now.

The luxury interior fittings of the Mercedes V Class limousine utilises the finest materials that effectively transforms the passenger cabin into an oasis of comfort on the wide open road. in addition with lots of in built amenities such as cruise control, power steering, navigation system and an excellent infotainment system, the minivan offers many great ways to simplify your journey and at the same time stimulate you further on the adventure that lies just ahead.

The Mercedes V class limo van can be adapted to a whole range of needs as the seating options are so flexible. There are four plush leather seats that are situated in the rear as standard, an additional three seater bench seats that can be fitted in as an option at both the second and third rows, all together providing transportation for up to 8 people. All seats can be folded down to provide more loading space. Allowing you to have full control of the combination between passenger seats and load capacity.

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